Bubble Bar

The buzz: The newest kid on the RCA block sits directly opposite LED, right beside indie favorite Cosmic Café. Still, Bubble Bar’s debut party made it clear that they are more about star gazing than shoe gazing thanks to their sci-fi meets nautical décor and a music policy that is pretty psych-trance heavy.

The décor: It really does feel like you’re partying in a futuristic submarine. There are emergency hatches for doors, life preservers hanging on the white walls and a barrel of radioactive waste that doubles as a table. Monochrome leather sofas contrast with the pink and blue lights to give it a slightly Bed Supperclub vibe, only in a much smaller space.

The music: There’s certainly less variety than neighboring joints like Fish and LED due to their dedicated focus on deep, heavy and psychedelic trance.​

The crowd: A mix of expat and local party goers that share a taste for this kind of electronic music.

The price: A standard choice of beer starts from B100 (by the bottle), cocktails ranged from B150-200 (by the glass) and whiskey from B1,450-1,850 (by the bottle).

Why you’ll come back: You’re a fan of psy-trance or you love the idea of partying in a submarine. Vasachol Quadri

Venue Details
Address: Bubble Bar, Room Block C, RCA, Rama 9, Bangkok,
Phone: 081-618-8713
Opening hours: daily 5pm-1am
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