Bronx Liquid Parlour

The former bartender at Vogue Lounge is behind this sultry cocktail bar. 

The buzz: One of a new string of bars opening from some of Bangkok’s top bartenders, this one comes from Hideyuki Saito, who previously manned the (always on-point) drinks at the swanky Vogue Lounge. Story goes, he went to get a haircut on Thonglor and the barber told him about this empty spot. He went to check it out and now here we are at his own Bronx Liquid Parlour. 
The decor: Enter through a set of industrial, steel-rimmed glass doors, slide back a rich velvet curtain a la Twin Peaks’ creepiest scenes, and be greeted by a sultry den of high-class cocktail cliches. Think Hanakaruta meets WTF—a booze rack of whiskies stretching up to the ceiling, cool customers smoking and drinking out on the quiet little soi, intimate high tables for gatherings of well-to-do friends.
The drinks: Hide used to head Sathorn’s most fashionable rooftop bar, but the drinks here are far from a replica of what he was doing over at Vogue. The menu is broken into three sections: signature, classics with twists, and house gin and tonic. From the first section, we’re head over heels for his “Sei” (B380)—a deliciously rich blend of Bacardi Ocho, umeshu (plum wine), cacao, port wine, molasses and matcha, with a side treat of housemade rum yokan (Japanese dessert jelly). In fact every drink here comes with its own little creative nibble on the side. We also love his butter-washed take on the sazerac, called The Butter (B400), which sees the classic mix of absinthe, cognac and American whiskey infused with melted butter (don’t worry, all the fat gets removed before pouring to leave just the flavor). On the side you’ll also find a pear financier made with burnt butter and buttered fig. From the classics with twists section, try Hide’s version of a pina colada. Called “The Other Coco” (B360), it features eau de vie (colorless brandy) aged with plum, Thai rum, coconut water, lemon and sugar, with chewy dried pineapple on the side. Note that the only proper food they serve is a munching-meat platter and foie gras pate (both B390), so don’t stumble in here hungry.  
The music: New Orleans jazz, funk, soul and blues set the playlist.
Why you should care: The cocktails here take detail to another level. Good music and intimate atmosphere also make this a perfect spot for high-class after-work shenanigans. By Choltanutkun Tun-atiruj
Venue Details
Address: Bronx Liquid Parlour, Thonglor Soi 25, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-036-6071
Area: Thonglor
Open since: September, 2016
Opening hours: Tue-Sun 6pm-1am
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