Brew Beers & Ciders

This contemporary western saloon has a staggering 300 imported beer labels at any given time, including 10 different draughts. 

The buzz: This is the Shangri-La for beer enthusiasts, the selection of ales is absolutely legendary. Tucked away on Thong Lor’s seen space 13, this gem of a bar recognizes that some of us favor beers devoid of any domestic ingredients. Chris Foo, the proprietor of this haven, has plenty of experience when it comes to bringing in decent beer—he’s the managing director of HOBS, after all. We also like the laab tod  (B180) (see here), which pairs along really well with any kind of booze you order. Gourmet pizzas are available from the next door neighbor Clouds-- what a clever arrangement.

The décor: The entire venue is visible through the ceiling to floor windows facing the courtyard of Seen Space 13. Inside you’ll find an assortment of decorations reminiscent of an old western saloon, or maybe a proper English pub. You can opt for a booth, or be adventurous and go for the high tables constructed from giant cask barrels. Behind the bar the hand-picked collection of brews and ciders is showcased in an enormous refrigerator; you can set yourself up with a view of the courtyard or a view of the beer—both will provide glimpses of exotic specimens, whether it be Thong Lor’s scenesters or Germany’s centuries-old brews.

The music: While the music is rather nondescript, you will be able to catch the sporting events worth watching on the big screen plasma TV. When there’s nothing worth tuning into, they’ll screen radical videos of skateboarding, surfing, and extreme sports.
The crowd: The same folks you’ll find at other Thong Lor beer-centric establishments: curious young Thong Lorites with a peppering of experienced beerophiles. Then there are the cuties that might not know a thing about beer, but certainly know how to look good.

The price: The tax structure in Thailand does no favors to those wishing to appreciate foreign brews, so don’t expect a bargain here. What you can expect is fairly prices exotic brews suc h as Bock Bamm, black beer from Munich (B240), or your standard Paulaner (B220/pint). 

Why you’ll come back: Four hundred bottled beers and ten taps. Enough said. Cole Pennington

Venue Details
Address: Brew Beers & Ciders, G/F, Seen Space, Thonglor Soi 13, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-185-2366
Area: Thonglor
Opening hours: daily 3pm-10am
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