It’s been hiding from us for a year—we’ve heard about it here and there but never noticed it ourselves until recently. Located just above @Richard’s restaurant, Breaks was formed by two Japanese and is where you can enjoy hip-hop and house tunes. The place is decorated in red and black themes that give it an underground bar feel. If you opt for Silom Soi 2/1, try to look for a small door that leads upstairs, then you will find the place. When you get to a huge, heavy door and see tons of Astra leaflets, you’ve found it. This place is just another fan of non-mass music. It’s been in the area for a year and can be said it’s the only straight bar in this very gay soi (its neighbors are Freeman and @Richard, if you know what I mean). Its regular customers are Japanese and farang with not many Thai. Beers are B110, 100 Pipers is B600, mixers are B30, but if you order them as soft drinks, they’re B50 each. Cocktails are B130-150. If you really want to have a break from regular Thai punters, bored with commercial music, and/or want to escape from the debt-collector, this is the place for all those excuses.

Venue Details
Address: Breaks, Soi 2/1 (Silom), Bangkok,
Phone: 02-632-8928
Opening hours: Mon-Sat 5-2:46pm
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