Black Amber Social Club

Thonglor's super-stylish Black Amber Barber Shop & Tattoo has expanded across the road with a full-on gentlemen's whiskey bar.

Thonglor's super-stylish Black Amber Barber Shop & Tattoo (between Thonglor Sois 5 and 7) has expanded across the road into with a full-on gentlemen's whiskey bar and networking spot on Thonglor Soi 6.

Just like they did with their first building, this new location feels like a real community. The bar sits on the first floor, along with the brand-new Mirror Mask Vintage shop and Toast Bespoke tailor shop. Another café will join soon, too.

Back on the bar, the design is a combination between a barbershop and the owner’s previous venue, The Circus, offering a warmer vibe thanks to the owner’s personal collection of Persian carpets, leather sofas and exotic items like a huge ostrich skeleton.

Whisky, single malt and rum are the main focus, here. The shelf is filled with familiar bottles like Glendfiddich, Ballantine's and Suntory, as well as the more esoteric Monkey Shoulder, Teacher’s and Browmore. Prices, rather surprisingly, start from B200 a glass.

The decor, menu and cocktails are not quite finalized, but the bar's first is Friday, Jan 23. from 7pm onwards. For reservations and exact directions, call 092-276-2772.

Venue Details
Address: Black Amber Social Club, Thonglor Soi 6, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-102-8617
Area: Thonglor
Open since: January, 2015
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