Head to this laid-back riverside hangout for cocktails with a view. 

Offering a more laid-back riverside hangout to the five-star hotels, the recently reopened Barbon sits atop Son Wat’s playful Hostel Urby, offering cocktails with a view.

Pink and blue neon signage coaxes patrons to get drunk—“on peut aussi rester se souler.” Cocktails like the whiskey-based Kaku Berries Sour and Gin and yuzu (that’s a Japanese citrus fruit) Cloud Atlas (B280) are given a creamy thickness by the addition of egg yolk.

Crash out on one of the large cushions on the deck for a chilled-out drinking sesh.


Venue Details
Address: Barbon, Hostel Urby, 1222 Songwat Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-043-6358
Area: Riverside
Open since: September, 2018
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 7-11pm
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