At Barber

The buzz: Party epicenter in the making! Never falling short of new additions, "Lang Suan" welcomes At Barber, a stylish hair salon by day that turns into a wild party kid by night.

The décor: The bar is divided into two sections with totally different vibes. The lower floor is decorated in a black and white color scheme accented with art deco chandeliers and an oversized gold-framed mirror. The small patio on this floor offers you a quieter alternative while still enjoying the sight of dancing kings and queens within reach. On the upper floor, the sundeck has been transformed into a Hampton summer cottage, where you will be greeted with open arms to relax in the carefree atmosphere.

Music: A selection of dancey, house-influenced music from both big international and local names.

The crowd: Expect the usual party animals roaming the area—mainly after work corporate crews boozing it up early on in the night and getting that rowdy earthquake effect going later in the evening.

Bill: Red Label B850, Black Label B1,500, mixers B50, cocktails starting at B100.

Why you’ll come back: One stop bar hopping with dual themes "under one roof"—one of them is on the roof, actually. The crisp air and the cool crowd... what more would you ask for? Late closing times, perhaps?

Venue Details
Address: At Barber, Room 297, 3-4/F, Sarasin, Ratchadamri Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-254-8668
Open since: December, 2006
Opening hours: daily 7pm-midnight
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