Bar Muns

When one of our nightlife sources called in and told us about a new bar in the Lad prao area, we frankly ignored it. Then we heard about it again when it was on TV, and that piqued our interest so we tried to find out more about the place. We soon found that it was in a rather remote area—Lad prao Soi 71—and that it used to be a pub called Link, owned by the comedian Sena Ling. Well, the place has switched hands to the better-looking celebs, C. Siwat and V. Veerapab (if you know who they are), and is now called Bar Muns.

Nothing much has changed from the outside, but you can feel the brighter and lighter décor and lighting inside. White furniture together with white and blue accenting tones make this place appear larger than it is and gives the feeling of being more a restaurant than a pub. We have to admit that putting a graphic picture on the wall is cool—just don’t look at it up close. Some of the corners are rather nicely decorated individually, but when you look at it in the bigger picture…nah!

The bar is on the left from the entrance with a small table for Mr. DJ, but don’t expect spinning and scratching. A medium size stage accommodates two bands nightly. Normally, the bands play soft pop and easy listening music in the early evening and move to harder rock and pop later. The songs are the kind you hear on those kiddy radio stations, and to be honest, they could use some practice. The night we visited, we couldn’t be bothered with what they were singing.

Bar Muns seems to be trying hard to be the Thonglor of Lad prao, and the vibe here is similar—kind of like the economy version for punters who are irritated by B50 mixers. Food ranges from B70 to B180, mixers are B35, a bottle of Chivas is B1,200 and cocktails are B120. There is also the front patio area for those trying to ignore what’s going on inside.

All in all, the place may have changed its façade, but the vibe in the area is still more appropriate for eating and chilling than a great night out. Every one there might swear up and down that Bar Muns has a better “style” than Thonglor, especially because there aren't any of those young, hard headed, neaw puppies. We believe that, but what’s the point in going where there's no young grass to chew? Those “no longer young” might want to go there to meet and greet with the soap celebs. At the very least, if you were stuck in very, very, very bad traffic in the area, stopping by for a cocktail wouldn’t hurt.

Venue Details
Address: Bar Muns, Soi 71 (Lad Phrao), Bangkok,
Phone: 06-006-9899
Opening hours: daily 5pm-midnight
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