Bad Taste Cafe

Lad Phrao's craft beer bar has the worst taste in town. 

The buzz: Located within spitting distance of MRT Ladphrao, this new neon-lit craft beer is impossible to miss. A law grad and his friend have flipped a two-story house in a quiet residential neighborhood into a house of beers that doubles as a garish museum of "bad taste."

The decor: Walk 200 meters down Lad Phrao Soi 21 and you'll find the venue awash in a harsh pink glow. Another sign things are a little different is a picture of Pepe the Frog (an internet meme since appropriated as a symbol of America's alt-right movement) that greets you at the front door. Inside, a DJ booth sits beside a shrine to Harambe the gorilla and an ancient Greek bust, while a self-service fridge stocked with local and international beers comes near a sign imploring you to "Consume." A TV loops randomly surreal video clips and the bar also hosts the odd out-there film night (think John Waters's Pink Flamingos). 

The drinks: The beer selection doesn't stick to the "bad taste" script and comes picked by Taopiphop Limjittrakorn of Taopiphop Ale Project, a close friend of the owners who made headlines in early 2017 when he was arrested for brewing craft beer at his own home. With all that behind him, you'll find his own (legal) Hurtster (B170) saison among other local bottles like Changwon Express’s Chao Phraya Stout. Imported labels include Kona Castaway IPA (B260), Heretic Evil Cousin (B240) and Evil Twin Brewing: Even More Jesus (B900). Food and cocktails are said to follow soon. 

The crowd: Clued-in young things who like their craft beer with a side of dank memes. 

Why you should care: This is a low-key neighborhood spot that doesn't take itself too seriously—and Bangkok could do with a few more beer bars like that. Neon Boonyadhammakul

Venue Details
Address: Bad Taste Cafe, 24/36 Lad Phrao Soi 21, Bangkok,
Phone: 094-290-3299
Area: Lad Phrao
Open since: June, 2017
Opening hours: Wed-Sun 5-11pm; Mon 5-11pm
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