Baby BarBK Distribution

Art Deco dominates at Ari’s latest hotel haunt.

Studio Freehand draw from the Art Deco rulebook with Baby Bar’s candy peach design: curved under-lit bars (one inside, one outside overlooking the hotel pool) are slashed with contrasting vertical and horizontal lines, flanked by deep pink fire station-like doors and crowned by glowing orb lighting on fixed bronze arms.

Located within Ari’s new Craftsman Hotel, food ranges from light snacks like fried gyo with kani miso dip (B180) to the larger lobster salsa (B580).

During the day, you can sip on a Bubble Matcha Latte (B115), but head there in the evening for tasty cocktails like the Baby shower (B250), with gin, lychee liqueur, Midori, lime, egg white, pineapple and flower blossom.


Venue Details
Address: Baby Bar, 1/F, Craftsman Hotel, Paholyothin Soi 11, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-279-7299 Ext.55
Area: Ari
Open since: November, 2018
Opening hours: daily 10am-10pm
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