Ashley's Rumour

The buzz: The once popular and now veteran hotspot of Liberty Plaza has undergone some serious renovation. In broad daylight, every dingy element shows painfully clearly. In the evening, Ashley manages to pull it off even though its resemblance to the set of The Accused had us thinking Jodie Foster would feel right at home here.

The décor: The new Ashley comes with slightly noticeable transformations that should appeal to a more mature clientele. This midtown loft meets retro barn house has more than ample space. It’s filled with ottomans in the original color scheme of red, black and white, plus a newly renovated section along its floor-to-ceiling bay windows.

Music: Live Thai pop concerts Fri and Sat, hip hop the rest of the week.

The crowd: A more mature crowd patronizes Lady Ashley compared to other local venues.

Bill: B1,350 for Black Label, B1,100 for Chivas, B890 for Red Label and B40 for all mixers. Shisha is B400 with 7 flavors to choose from.

Why you’ll come back: Because you're bored with the too-young-to-drink crowd and prefer more mature punters and music, nice food in a kick-ass crib. And the prices aren't bad, either.

Venue Details
Address: Ashley's Rumour, 1/F, Liberty Plaza, Soi Thonglor, Bangkok,
Phone: 02-714-7861/-4
Opening hours: daily 6pm-midnight
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