RCA is always on the top of our list in terms of places to escape from all the bitchiness we’ve been going through, day after day. But sometimes when you step into this well known street, you feel like it’s too much for you. Your brain needs a break from the frenzy—a chance to let your hair down and switch off from supercool-mode. Well, there’s a new place near the RCA complex called Amaze which is calling itself a one-stop-entertainment house for those who are bored with the mainstream RCA youngsters.

It’s a huge glass house with a patio on either side. The house is separated into two main parts. The main hall houses several square, designer look-alike tables with a high roof and hanging, '50s pendent lamps. There is also a big stage for live music (three bands a night). Don’t be surprised if the wall décor reminds you of the Nokia stick phone (black with a square reflective surface)—we feel the same way. Next to the main hall is the “private and posher” area. With its gigantic chandelier and table sets that seem to pop off the pages of a house décor magazine, this region gives you a chance to talk at a normal level since the music isn’t too loud. Relaxing on the cozy seats while enjoying your meal isn’t a bad idea if you don’t mind the super-green lighting. The front patio is the most popular section for dinner, so make sure you book in advance. The vista of traffic coming in and out of RCA and a manmade fountain and garden are complimentary. Try the plaa chon Amaze (snakehead fish with homemade spicy sauce, B220)—though it might look the same as plaa chon lui suan, it tastes amazingly different. Goong tod fruit salad (deep fried shrimp with fruit salad, B150) also has a mysterious taste in its salad dressing, in a good way, of course. Booze comes at typical prices of the area (jug of draft beer B120-B200, Red Label B1,000, Black Label B1,500, mixers B40, cocktails B180-B220).

Music-wise, Amaze has live music as well as Mr. DJ serving up pop hits nightly. On Fri and Sat, music tends to be commercial hip hop and dance music for punters to boogie into the late night. Considering the food quality and vibe, this seems to be more of a place for dining-and-wining than moving-and-grooving. If you think this place is too classy or too “adult” for you, well, at least try it for dinner and—fingers crossed—you’ll be amazed!

Venue Details
Address: Amaze, 559 Rim Klong Sam Sen Rd., Bangkok,
Phone: 02-245-8950/-1
Opening hours: daily 5-11pm
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