Scala Theatre

Though the Siam Theatre was destroyed, there are still two classic movie houses left for people to enjoy: the Apex Theatre Group’s Lido and Scala cinemas. Though Lido (completed in 1968) is older, the 43-year-old Scala has always been the star. Finished a year later, it was designed to be the most luxurious theatre of its time. The name Scala means “stairs” in Italian and you have to ascend a dramatic flight of stairs up to the art deco atrium and its glittering chandelier to get into the 1,000-seat cinema. Tickets are cheap, too, at only B100 with popcorn going for B30. The movies tend to be better than at multiplexes, too.

Venue Details
Address: Scala Theatre, Siam Square Soi 1 (Siam Square), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-251-2861
Area: Siam
Opening hours: daily 9am-11pm
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