Daddy and the Muscle Academy

Siam's candy-colored boutique is way too adorable. 

Daddy and the Muscle Academy is (mostly) done with pink. It’s moved on to baby blue, as well as a new, bigger store, now on Siam Square Soi 2.

It’s still like stepping into a life-sized doll house though, with props including a bunk bed, a dresser and a vintage television. The deliberately cluttered space packs in more of the cute clothes and accessories from Insta-famous local brands like J.C. Co’s tied crop top (B790) and Frung Fring Girl’s shell clutch (B690) and daisy flower sunglasses (B500).

We’re not done yet: take the secret door to Pixie Dust Cafe, the land of fairy-tale foods made real, such as the Magic Butterbeer (B100) and a rainbow vanilla cake (B100). 


Venue Details
Address: Daddy and the Muscle Academy, Siam Square Soi 2, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 063-894-6954
Area: Siam
Open since: June, 2017
Opening hours: daily 11am-8pm
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