Buzz: Australian store Typo, known for its fashionable stationery and gifts, has made its way to Bangkok.

Vibe: The theme here is pretty much the same as in Australia; brown tiles and wooden shelves that stock the products. There’s obviously more than just notebooks and pens on offer, too, with new products displayed in front, from staplers to coffee mugs and lanterns.

Goods: Notebooks, journals, cards, pens—all the usual stuff. But what won us over here is the artsy design of their products, no matter how big or small. Expect everything from faded pop-art printed notebooks, vintage design cards and sleek-looking pens to more random items like bold-looking headphones, psychedelic-pattern coffee mugs and even Bohemian lanterns. Stationery starts from B35, notebooks from B150 and other decorative gifts, or what the store calls “general awesomeness,” from B190.

Why you’ll be back: Although the prices here are higher than some other stationery stores, we think you’ll be willing to pay more for their added artsy touches, plus they do occasional sales with 50% off. Nutthachai Bunluthangthum


Venue Details
Address: Typo, M/F, Mega Bangna, Bangna-Trad Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-105-1000
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