Misty Mynx

Buzz: Jaspal’s latest sister brand, Misty Mynx, is all about sassy yet comfortable womenswear—playful light fabrics that are fused in warm palettes.

Vibe: The décor is a tad mind boggling; think modern boutique (black door, white walls and orange lights) with tropical touches like the beach-themed window display with flowers and plants inside.

Goods: Misty Mynx is divided into two sections, the first highlighting beach and Bohemian tops and dresses with materials like lace and chiffon; think white dresses with delicate lace and turquoise tops with Boho touches. The focus here is squarely on lightweight pieces that follow your every move. The other section is home to earth and pastel toned tops and dresses: plain jerseys and leopard print dresses. Tops start from B695, dresses from B1,795 and beads and stone-based Bohemian-themed accessories like bracelets from B100.

Why you’ll be back: For the various loose and lightweight pieces that are easy to move in and comfortable to wear, and for the head-to-toe Bohemian apparel. Nutthachai Bunluthangthum

Venue Details
Address: Misty Mynx, 1/F, Mega Bangna, Bangna-Trad Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-105-1000
Area: Bang Na
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