The Loft

Siam Discovery's design-oriented multi-label store welcomes an almost completely new selection.

The re-opening of Siam Discovery's design-oriented multi-label store packs in an almost completely new selection, much of which comes from Japan.

The cosmetics and home accessories zone is like a combination of Daiso and Tsuruha with fancier products (and higher prices)—expect brands like Shiseido Perfect Whip, Kizzei and Dolly Wink.

There’s a new coffee zone filled with everything from French press to Aeropress to drip coffee accessories.

And there are still plenty of headphones, desk gadgets and stationery, too. 

Venue Details
Address: The Loft, 2/F, Siam Discovery, Rama 1 Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Siam
Open since: May, 2016
Opening hours: daily 9am-9pm
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