Charm-Learn Studio

Ceramics, photography and fabric dyeing workshops in the Old Town.  

ABOUT: Nestled in Bangkok’s old town, Charm-Learn Studio is the brainchild of Silapakorn graduates Thanita "Maii" Yothawong, Chanchai "Bub" Boriboon and Natthapol "Mick" Wannaporn, who all previously worked in the media. The studio started out giving ceramics workshops before expanding to photo and fabric dyeing.  

CLASSES: The ceramics course, "Aob-Aun La-Mun Din," spans three days and teaches you how to hand-mold a mug, bowl and spoon at B5,500 per person, with materials included. Check their schedule on Facebook. Seats are limited to 10 people. More advanced is the "Pan Mhun Aun Din," a potter’s wheel class limited to two people at a time. The class takes 12 days at B32,000 per person. The beginner photography course is open to 5-10 people at B4,500 per person per four days. Held every two months, the indigo dyeing course takes four days at B3,500 per person with materials included. Other nonregular courses include product design, slow life organic workshop by Uncle Ree and a bicycle tour.

Venue Details
Address: Charm-Learn Studio, 95 Prang Sappasat Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 080-587-6331
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