Yacco Maricard

The buzz: Urbane Japanese fashion brand Yacco Maricard has launched its stylish and spacious flagship store in Thailand, on Sukhumvit soi 23.
The vibe: A collaboration between Thai and Japanese architects, the store is separated into three distinct buildings connected by wood slat  walkways: a renovated old house which contains a café, a glasshouse and a two-story showroom. Surrounded by a shady green garden, the overall vibe is modern and minimalist yet still quite homey. The interior of the house sees colorful products displayed in marble-floored white rooms with couches littered throughout. The showroom displays products on the first floor, while the second exhibits fashion photos from the 70s to the present. Special mention goes to the spacious changing rooms complete with comfy seating inside.
The products and services: Expect colorful loose-fit functional fashion featuring natural soft fabrics like plain woven cotton, linen, hand-woven fabrics and Thai silk featuring reactive garment dyeing techniques. You can also get style suggestions from professional Japanese stylists. On the first floor of the old house, you can take a break at the cafe serving food and coffee.
The prices: The spring/summer 2014 collection takes its inspiration from the cherry blossom, a symbol of spring in Japan, with prices starting from about B2,000 for a nylon bag. Clothing picks include the blue sakura print pintuck blouse (B8,290), purple silk cotton Chiang Mai long blouse (B16,490) and the pink pleat outer coat (B21,490).
Venue Details
Address: Yacco Maricard, 100/2 Sukhumvit Soi 23, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-664-2990-1
Opening hours: daily 9am-8pm
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