Buzz: The largest perfume, skincare and makeup retailer in the world, with over 1,700 shops, has finally landed in Bangkok where it’s arrival was as highly anticipated as fast-fashion retailers H&M and Uniqlo, with large crowds gathering hours before its opening. Here, the French retailer stocks over 30 brands, including old favorites and others that are new to Thailand. Apart from its size, what is meant to set Sephora apart from department stores is how customers are encouraged to test, hang out and experiment without being pressured by over-eager salespeople. Still, staff are trained according to a rigorous in-house program on identifying skin types and application techniques. 

Décor: True to its overseas sisters, the 600-sq-meter store is brightly lit and decorated with Sephora’s signature black-and-white stripes. As opposed to a department store, brands are scattered throughout, with products organized by categories such as eye shadows, scents, etc.  

Goods: Never before seen in Thailand, Sephora’s own label offers a large selection of powders for every possible skin tone, such as the 8HR Wear Mattifying Compact Foundation (B640), the perfect long-lasting canvas. Beyond makeup, you might want to check out Sephora’s reasonably-priced handwash soaps (B250) and scrubs (B300), which come in fun flavors like green tea or caramel. A couple of new brands are also being introduced to Thailand as part of this new opening. Particularly of note, NYX is a high-quality US makeup brand at affordable prices. Our pick would be the soft matte lip crème (B295), a creamy lip gloss that turns matte when applied. We also like the Haircare Favorites wall, a guide to what’s hot in the hair care scene. Similarly, if you ever feel out of the loop, check out their “Hot Now” shelf, showcasing the latest trends and beauty products.

Why you’ll be back: There’s too much too see and even more to buy, so one visit to Sephora just won’t be enough. Additionally, they plan to launch new brands every three months, making repeat visits a must.

Venue Details
Address: Sephora, 1/F, Siam Center, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-690-1000
Area: Siam
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