The Fight Lab

The best martial arts gym, right in the heart of Bangkok.

With 310 square meters of space looking out onto Benjasiri Park, this martials arts gym isn't your dingy underground fight club. It's clean, its vast and it manages to feel welcoming to newbies, while having plenty of competitive cred for the aspiring champs out there. They offer training in Muay Thai, boxing, mixed martial arts (MMA), and Brazilian jiu-jitsu (submission grappling). Private training, small group training and regular classes available. On top of the boxing ring and MMA cage, there's a juice bar and even a sports massage service.
Co-owner and manager Mark Simmerman says, "Its great to see people come in, just because they're bored of the treadmill. They lose weight very quickly and they progress super fast. And then you've got guys like me, who are very motivated and who compete, but not professionally. Finally, we have guys who are top fighters and want to be in an environment with guys like them. We have five of those right now."
That means Fight Lab is also developing a team to compete internationally—and already have a fight lined up in Macau.
Their head grappling coach is Lee Livingstone, 41, from the UK, a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu black belt who fought professionally. On the boxing side, they've got Barry Robinson, 32, from New York, former US Navy and also a highly-skilled coach.
Rates are currently B4,950 per month for those on a one-year contract or B5,650 if you're just buying one month off-concract. Per-visit packages also available: B5,500 for 12 visits (to be used in 60 days) or B14,500 for 36 visits (in 90 days).
Personal training with black belts starts from B2,500/hour.
Venue Details
Address: The Fight Lab, 32/6 Sukhumvit Soi 69, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02 391 1754
Area: Phra Khanong
Opening hours: daily 6am-8pm
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