Humble Projects

Chinatown's latest shop-house turned art space.

Founded by Nigel Power and Mat Trusler, two visual art professors from King Mongkut's University of Technology, new art space Humble Projects has made a home for itself in a four-story renovated shop-house in Chinatown.
On the ground floor, visitors will find an open-access print studio for hands-on learning about letterpress printing and other creative workshops. Meanwhile, the upstairs floors are dedicated to small-scale art exhibitions, screenings and seminars. 
Their debut event, A Fearless Love, takes place this Jun 18 and is a project in collaboration with H Gallery Project Space that involves a performance-lecture by cultural activist and artist Prumsodum Ok and Cambodian dance company Natyarasa. The performance is a contemporary interpretation of Khmer classical dance that explores the theme of a fearless love. 
Book arts and typographic workshops are in the pipeline for August and September. And, in October, Swiss filmmaker Hanspeter Ammann will premier two of his latest short movies, the lyrical-realist Isaan set, 'Scenes from a Forgotten Land', and his tribute to Antonioni, 'Voyage to Ravenna'. Hanspeter will also be running a creative workshop in conjunction with this event. 

The thinking behind Humble Projects is simple: to provide a space to explore, encounter and discuss the arts and their relationship to culture and society. As founder Mat Trusler puts it, “We are open to ideas. We welcome collaborations.”


Venue Details
Address: Humble Projects, 41/40 Sunthonphimol, Banthat Thong Rd., Bangkok, Thailand
Area: Si Phraya-Sam Yan
Open since: May, 2016
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