Muchroom Co-Working Space

Rather than present themselves as a proper office building, the team behind Muchroom have given this 50-year-old house in Pradipat Soi 23 a café-like atmosphere, with plenty of work desks and five private rooms for rent. The starting price is B220/day while member rates start from B1,085/week, B3,900/month, up to B29,200/year. For those who want to set up a proper office, a private room for two people starts from B10,000/month and for 2-4 people at B17,000/month. Facilities include a common printer, Wi-Fi, a phone operator and messenger. Aside from the office basics, they’re trying to create a warm atmosphere by coming up with cute ideas like Tuesday afternoon tea break and Wednesday yoga class. 

Venue Details
Address: Muchroom Co-Working Space, 61 Pradiphat Soi 23, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 081-699-9872, 02-618-7800
Opening hours: daily 8am-7pm
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