Subversive textiles dominate this showroom.

Located in Charoenkrung's Warehouse 30, this clothing, accessories and furniture showroom makes a bold first impression, its contrasting first and second floors exposed through huge glass windows. Step inside and you’ll enter a world of woven fabrics bearing striking graphics and textures.

Co-founded by Narongsak Thongvatanavanich and Saran Yen Panya—the creative director of 56th studio—the achingly hip space debuted during Bangkok Design Week 2020, highlighting a special collaborative collection with like-minded artist Luck Maisalee. Dubbed “Swear Like Thai Spirit,” the collab sees eccentric patterns created with a jacquard weaving technique; look closely at the kaleidoscopic prints and you’ll uncover a sarcastic commentary on the shallowness of today’s society—think dollar signs blended with crude renditions of the Michelin Man and Mickey Mouse.

Adding to the edgy vibe, two gigantic twirling disco balls hide behind drapes of fabric, surrounded by furniture and garments designed by Saran. Meanwhile, the brightly-lit second floor is a showroom for their merchandise, featuring both original and new collections of the brand’s bold patterned bags.

The current exhibition will be held for another two months after Bangkok Design Week, following which the space will be transformed into a full on showroom.



Venue Details
Address: OneMoreThing, Warehouse 30, Charoenkrung 30, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 087-673-1888
Area: Charoenkrung
Opening hours: daily 8am-8pm
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