MuMu Arthouse & Cafe

The concept: As the name suggests, MuMu encompasses an art space and a chilled out café where friends and family can get together to grab a bite and a drink while shooting the breeze about everything from spirituality to art. It all takes place in the home of the owner, Detlev Neufert, a German film director by trade, who actually lives in the top floor. Through opening up his home to the public he wants to share his personal passion for all things creative.

The décor: Driving by the white washed, three-storey building you would probably mistake it for a fancy expat home if it weren’t for the big sign and the display of black and white paintings out by the entrance. There’s no real theme, a reflection of Detlev’s eclectic tastes. Outside there’s an Italian dining set and traditional Thai garden furniture while inside, you’ll find bookshelves from Japan and bar counter tops from China. Besides a large mosaic artwork by Maitree Siriboon, everything else is for sale, from the framed wall paintings to the DVDs, books, postcards, even unique watches, all created by friends of the owner. The art gallery is situated on the 2nd floor and is kept very simple with clean white walls and classy spotlights letting you focus on the art. However, the space does transform to match each ongoing exhibition.

The crowd: A real mix of Thais and foreigners ranging from couples to small groups of friends and families.

In the present: Famous pop artist and entertainer Tik Shiro, presents a series of paintings under Be Enriched, each representing a different, but personal, experience.

Eat & Drink: MuMu’s Le Cordon Bleu chef coughs up a simple selection of Thai and fusion specialties, B85-150. Down it with some beer (B70) and/or cocktails (160).

Venue Details
Address: MuMu Arthouse & Cafe, Yen Akat Soi 106/1 (Si Bamphen), Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 08-4374-4252, 08-1286-9676
Area: Sathorn
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