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The past six months have seen a slew of new cafes open that are dedicated to just a single fruit, whether it's durian, banana or melon. Here are the most delicious.  

Chiang Mai’s boutique resort 137 Pillars House has opened a hotel in Bangkok. Here's how it's celebrating.  

The Thai Ministry of Tourism is reportedly in talks with dairy giant Nestle to produce a durian-flavored Kit Kat. Yep, you read that right. And it's all in the name of promoting Thai fruit. But we say, why stop at fruit? Here are a few more homegrown flavors we'd genuinely love to see.  

Jason Licker's creations blend Asia’s vibrant flavors with classic French techniques.

Founded in 1860, Tsujiri tea-house has spread to Europe, North America and now Thailand. 

Pumpkins, so much more than a Halloween decoration. 

Following the arrival of Spain's much-hyped Llaollao, we round up the best places for smooth froyo and extravagant toppings. 

With Osaka's cheese tart specialist Pablo set to open in October, here are the top spots to try this ooey gooey trending treat. 

This coffee-flavored Italian dessert is a work of art—but you don't want it too sweet or too creamy. Here are the Bangkok restaurants where the tiramisu is guaranteed to hit the spot.