Head back to Siam to check out some of the most delicious new dishes in town. There’s even a promotion that’ll save you some cash while you're at it.

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Lobster Roll at Crab and Claw

Always putting the focus on sustainable produce and emphasizing quality ingredients and authentic New England flavors, Crab and Claw has been an Instagram favorite since 2015. Now, the brand has brought its signature lobster roll (B950), filled with the bouncy claws of lobsters imported daily from Maine, to Siam Paragon. Wrapped up in a buttery, house-made brioche, the results are sweet, subtly smoky—as well as plentiful.

 G/F, Siam Paragon, 096-197-5769

Purple Sweet Potato Bingsu at Cafe Bora

Straight out of Seoul, South Korea, Cafe Bora is a compact cafe all about photogenic purple sweet potato delights. Here, the trending veggie gets turned into bingsu (B195), featuring sweet potato ice flakes and sweet potato puree, served with a cup of sweet potato chips and candied walnut. You’ll also find a sweet potato tiramisu (B175) and a particularly delicious purple sweet potato latte (B119).

4/F, Siam Paragon, 061-546-4746

Mandarin Tart at Tarr Tarr

Since launching in Kwangju in 2016, dessert chain Tarr Tarr has expanded to more than 80 branches across South Korea. Bangkok's the first foreign city to welcome the brand's fancy tarts with eye-catching fruity toppings, various cream cheese-based fillings and cookie-like dough base. The large ovens pump out some 80 different types of tarts which our favorite is the refreshing mandarin tart (B180) with crusted pistachio. 

4/F, Siam Paragon, 02-129-4808

Blueberry Pancakes at Clinton Street Baking Co.

If you want to dine at New York’s original branch of Clinton Street, you’ll be waiting up to two hours. Now though you can walk into the Siam Paragon branch before the mall even opens for New York stacks of souffle-like blueberry pancakes with warm maple butter (B280/2 pieces, B340/3 pieces). The joy of that tart berry compote mixed with the rich, salty-sweet batter makes ordering the stack of three a must.

G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-129-4861

Rambutan Granita at Brix Dessert Bar

The Commons’ dessert specialist Brix has branched out to both Siam Paragon and Siam Discovery's My Kitchen (4/F), with some cool marble decor. Besides the old classics like their Brix Box (B280) and hotto keki (B220), the new menu also includes this imposing rambutan granita (B230). Perfect for beating the heat, the dessert comes with the Instagrammable perk of a dry-ice sea fog, while the mountain of granita turns from blue to purple with a squeeze of lime, complemented by fresh rambutan and tangy pineapple sauce.

G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-129-4836

My Kitchen, 4/F, Siam Discovery, 02-712-6352

Octopus & Mussel Spaghetti Nero at Jamie’s Italian

The Bangkok kitchen of Jamie Oliver sits on the G/F of Siam Discovery, serving up up homey big feasts that even use local Royal Projects vegetables, as well as free-range meats, sustainable seafood and imported canned and cured meats. Don’t miss our favorite from the new specials, the octopus & mussel spaghetti nero (B480) in-house made quild ink pasta with tender slow-cooked octopus and mussels.

G/F, Siam Discovery, 02-255-5222

Chunky Durian Cake at The Coffee Bean

A Bangkok standard for indulging your sweet tooth, Coffee Bean by Dao has long been a top destination for dessert enthusiasts. As well as the classics like their banoffee (B100) and white chocolate cheesecake (B130), the Siam branch also has some adventurous treats like the chunky durian cake (B130). Thanks to the mouthful of rich, durian flesh, you barely notice the sponge, which is super delicate.

G/F, Siam Paragon, 02-610-9702

Sweet Bomb at White Day Patisserie

Specializing in Japanese-inspired desserts with a little surprise, White Day Patisserie offers charming, modern-industrial decor and decadent sweet treats. The highlight Sweet Bomb (B175) features a decadent chocolate mousse in the shape of a bomb. Dig into it for an explosion of dry ice, along with layers of sweet strawberry mousse, jelly and chocolate sponge cake.

4/F, Siam Center, 02-251-2957

Pla Rak Kluay Tod Ka Min at Greyhound Cafe

Greyhound’s comfort fusion, Thai and Italian dishes are family favorites across the city, all served up in a stylish setting. Their latest specials go local, with dishes like this pla rak kluay tod ka min (B180). Pla rak kluay is a small fish known as horseface loach in English, which Greyhound serves deep fried with turmeric, crispy Thai herbs and young green peppercorns.

3/F, Siam Center, 02-658-1129

Khao Soi Chicken Pizza at My Kitchen

Nestled on the mall’s fourth floor, My Kitchen’s floor-to-ceiling windows look out upon stunning views of Sra Pathum Palace’s green surroundings, while indoors offers dishes from six reputed foodie names. Order from breakfast master Kuppadeli for reliable comfort food with a healthy twist, like the Khao Soi Chicken Pizza (B280), 24-hour fermented semolina pizza dough which baked with no compromise on the heat and mouthful topppings of crispy egg noodles, tender chicken, and shallots.

4/F, Siam Discovery, 02-252-1763

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