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This is the tropical cocktail bar Charoenkrung has been waiting for

Some impressive names from Bangkok's cocktail scene are teaming up with 80/20. 

By Choltanutkun Tun-atiruj | Apr 03, 2017

  • This is the tropical cocktail bar Charoenkrung has been waiting for

Set to open right next door to 80/20, the Charoenkrung restaurant that claimed the #15 spot in Top Tables 2017 for its modern take on Thai cuisine, is a new cocktail bar that we've been waiting a long time for. 

Tropic City is a collaboration between Sebastian De La Cruz and Philip Stefanescu (both formerly of Sapparot Goup) that promises bold (but not exclusively) rum-based drinks. 

You might know De La Cruz from behind the bar at Thonglor's Touche Hombre, while Stefanescu was formerly the Sapparot Group beverage manager covering places like Lady Brett and UNCLE.
Joining them is Krit "Joey" Parkobdee, previously at Bronx Liquid Parlour and one of four finalists of this year's Bacardi Legacy Thailand Competition.
Just as excitingly, 80/20 will be providing the food and they're promising a completely new menu.

Tropic City is scheduled to open at the beginning of June.

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