The brewery behind Chalawan Pale Ale is back with a "Thai-Aussie IPA."

There's a new legal Thai craft beer on the market from Full Moon Brew Works, the Phuket-based company behind the all-conquering Chalawan Pale Ale.
Chatri IPA is more intense and full-bodied than its predecessor, with a heftier 5.2% ABV. The beer is actually a collaboration with Stockade Brew Co. of Sydney, Australia—as portrayed in the label bearing a muay Thai fighter koala. 
Chatri, like Chalawan, is bottled in Australia and imported back, a move necessitated by Thailand's draconian liquor act, which essentially bans smaller operations from bottling their product for retail.
Expect to find it in Bangkok's hippest bars and restaurants in the coming weeks, and at for B650/6 bottles. 
In more good news, Chalawan became the first Thai beer to win a gold medal at the World Beer Awards, held recently in London. 

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