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Credit: Taproom, Sukhumvit Soi 26

As the big guys muscle in, we ask: Is the Thai craft beer scene under threat? 

Pond with Nick Albrook (second from right). Credit: Matt Sav.

Australian rockers Pond emerged from the same late-'00s Perth music scene that spawned Tame Impala. Over the years, the two bands have shared members, as well as an affinity for the bombastic riffage and camp touches of '70s psych-rock. Ahead of Pond's Bangkok gig on Nov 21, we speak to frontman Nick Albrook about psychedelic experiences, the darkness behind latest album The Weather and those comparisons to Tame Impala.

This exhibition offers a truly singular perspective on the city. 

Pond. Credit: Matt Sav

More than a Tame Impala side-project. 

Photoshoot with Penny J. Lane. Credit: Ben Zander

And he's calling on a few influential friends. 

They're throwing a couple of workshops to celebrate. 

Beer-braised hare

A meal of hare, deer and boar—plus unlimited beer. 

The live acts producing Bangkok's most exciting new music and where to catch them next. 

An unlikely setting for awesome local spirits, with bonus views. 

With the Chinese vegetarian festival under way (through Oct 9), we round up Bangkok’s best vegetarian-friendly burgers. 

Thailand's molam ambassadors deliver a scorching 35-minute set before the cameras in London.