Now in its fifth year, Negroni Week sees bars get creative with this beloved classic.

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Launched in 2013, Negroni Week has grown from 100 participating outlets in the US for its inaugural edition to some 6,000 establishments around the world last year.

Taking place from Jun 5-11, the 2017 Negroni Week Thailand is set to grow compared to 2016, when 51 bars participated.

The official launch party is taking place at Vogue Lounge on Jun 5 and all proceeds of this event will be donated to the Chaipattana Foundation.

You can look forward to trying each bar's special version of negroni with their own signature twists. Here are a few places that we are very excited to try.

(Oh but first, this is how you make a classic Negroni: campari, red vermouth, gin.)

Vogue Lounge

Aroma Negroni (B340)

Coffee and oil-infused Campari, Cinzano Rosso, Bulldog Gin, 1 dash of chocolate bitter and aged in an oak Campari barrel for one month.

Bronx Liquid Parlour

Negroni do Porto (B360)

Mix gin, Campari, triple sec, grapefruit bitters, dry vermouth. Aged in wooden port wine cask for one week.

Havana Social

Tiki Negroni (B350)

Plantation Pineapple Rum, Campari and a bit of coconut liquor, served with a dried pineapple.

1881 by Water Library

Mon Cheri Negroni (B295)

Campari, Jameson, Cinzano, creme de griotte, house-made Mon Cheri spray.

Mikys Cocktail Bar

Negroni Fumato (B300)

Smoked with “Churchill Short" cigar smoke and a touch of honey truffle, with Campari, Bulldog Gin and Cinzano 1757 rosso, garnished with dried caramel orange and sliced grapes.


Barista's Negroni (B290)

Fresh coffee paired with 30-day barrel-aged Campari and dehydrated orange.


Girl before a mirror (B390)

Gin, La Quintyne Rosso, Campari, topped with cacao milk foam

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