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One of Bangkok's best independent libraries needs your help

After seven years, The Reading Room needs a refresh. But it can't do it alone.

By Bonnie Sananvatananont | Mar 14, 2017

  • One of Bangkok's best independent libraries needs your help
    The Reading Room
  • One of Bangkok's best independent libraries needs your help
    The Reading Room
  • One of Bangkok's best independent libraries needs your help
    Narawan Pathomvat, owner of The Reading Room

Independent libraries are hard to find in Bangkok, with one of the few successful ones being, The Reading Room, a cozy, welcoming space tucked inside Silom Soi 19.

A recent Facebook post on the library's page announced a call for donations to go towards renovating the space, which has seen much wear and tear over seven years of operation.

The money will go towards replacing old equipment including speakers, air-conditioners, lights, video camera (which got stolen) and repairing walls which have been worn out by rain.

So far, the post has received great feedback, with many people sending in screenshots of their generous donations. Those interested to help keep The Reading Room alive can transfer to this bank account:

นราวัลลภ์ ปฐมวัฒน
ธ.กรุงศรีฯ สาขาสาธรเหนือ


Narawan Pathomvat
Krungsri Bank, North Sathorn Branch

The Reading Room is an independent library and creative space that often hosts innovative workshops, discussions and interactive events on the topics of art, literature and culture. It has hosted popular events including Blind Date with a Book (where readers can pick up a wrapped book to read, guaranteeing it is not judged by its cover) and the Sleepover series which invited many creative leaders, including Apichatpong Weerasethakul and Prabda Yoon, to take over the space.

Check out our interview with the owner, Narawan Pathomvat, here.

The Reading Room, 2 Silom Soi 19, 02-635-3674

Narawan “Kyo” Pathomvathere.
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