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The MRT's "missing link" is no longer missing

The wait finally ends in August. 

By Neon Boonyadhammakul | Jul 20, 2017

  • The MRT's "missing link" is no longer missing
    Interior of MRT Purple Line. Credit: MNXANL/Wikimedia Commons

The MRT Purple and Blue lines are finally set to connect in August, the Mass Rapid Transit Authority of Thailand (MRTA) has confirmed. 

For over a year, commuters have had to switch to a shuttle bus to traverse the 1.2km distance between the Purple Line's Tao Pun and the Blue Line's Bang Sue stations 

That all changes on Aug 11 with the completion of the infamous "missing link," which will shave up to 40 minutes off commuters' trips. Ticket prices will remain the same. 

Opened in mid-2016, the overground Purple Line connects to Nonthaburi and is the city's first MRT extension to another province. Officials are hopeful the new link will boost commuter numbers from around 30,000 per day closer to the targeted 100,000 mark. 
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