A hipster hideaway just in time for low season. 

In a break from all the Lanna-style hotels around Lampang, Karpenter (www.karpenterlampang.com) takes the form of a minimalist barn. 

A 30-year-old has been renovated into a five-room, loft-style abode that puts the emphasis on wood, bare concrete and steel. 

With a love of DIY, the owner has named each room after carpentry tools—Clamp Room, Hammer Room, Saw Room, Chisel Room and Plane Room—all of which come fully equipped with Wi-Fi and aircon.

All rooms here are B1,300, with transfers to and from the airport, train station and bus station available at B100/trip. 

That prices also includes a cute breakfast set of patongko, a main (guay jub, grilled pork satay and sticky rice or kai gata), fresh fruits, soy milk and coffee, served in the semi-outdoor area. There are also plans to expand it into an all-day cafe in the near future.