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'Enfarinat' by Antonio Gibotta

A sneak peek at the World Press Photo Exhibition. 

Hope Land - Adam Birkan

It's an exciting month ahead for the city's best art galleries. 

Photoshoot with Penny J. Lane. Credit: Ben Zander

And he's calling on a few influential friends. 

Oak's photo that received Honorable Mention at StreetFoto San Francisco

Meet Angkul Sungthong, whose Ratchaprasong street snap scored an honorable mention at StreetFoto San Francisco. 

The work of the Greek Ambassador of Thailand charts the tragedy of destruction to the glory of new growth and life.

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This Apr 4, the House of Lucie art gallery hosts a special talk with Thai-Australian travel photographer Diane Durongpisitkul, who spent the past 15 months traveling around Africa, from Ethiopia to Mozambique, predominantly in a local minivan. Here, she tells us about her journey.

Opening tomorrow (Mar 3), Behind Tin Walls is a photography exhibition by Visarut Sankhum that documents the lives of Bangkok's migrant workers who live in temporary tin-wall structures as they build the city's booming luxury condo industry. Here, we speak to Visarut about the project.

Photographer Peeraya Sirathanisa traveled around Yaowarat to link archive photos with their modern-day locations. 

Running until this Sunday (Feb 5) at the Bangkok Art and Culture Centre, Luke Duggleby's exhibition "For Those Who Died Trying" pays tribute to the heroic lives of 37 Thai human rights defenders who died fighting for their cause. Here, BK speaks to Duggleby and a representative from Protection International, Pranom Somwong, about the project. 

Churchgate Station, Bombay, from the series Migrations, 1995

The Brazilian master's exhibition is an absolute must-see for any photography lover.