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Mexican Sunset at Freebird

On any night out, you can easily take in 1,500 calories—sometimes after just a few drinks. If you can’t cut out drinking altogether, then at least try and make it that little bit healthier. 

Ronnaporn Kanivichaporn, Backstage Bar

Quick and easy cocktails where absolutely nothing can go wrong.


Thailand's Diageo World Class-winning dream team take over Vesper.

 Francesco Moretti

Italian bartender Francesco Moretti has a few tricks up his sleeve. 

UNCLE x 72 Courtyard

Our favorite bars still charging you less for a drink than for a main dish. 


After years of charging us B400 for cocktails, some Bangkok bartenders are saying it doesn't have to be that way. 

The Great Grey at The Owl Society Whiskey Saloon

This rainy season, forget the espresso martini and try Bangkok's buzzing caffeine-fueled creations.