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Chrysanthemum Vanilla Fizz at Dim Dim

Bangkokians will readily tell you that we’re becoming the cocktail kings of the world—well, Southeast Asia at least. With six bars in Asia’s Best Bars 2016 and one of our bartenders crowned the best on the continent, things are looking bright on the local cocktail scene. Here's what we can expect this year.

World Class

Cocktail competitions have become big business. Cynics say the number of booze awards has become so oversaturated that to win is all but meaningless, while others praise how competition raises the standard and creativity of what the bar scene offers. Whatever you think, the difference between winning and losing can make or break a bar’s fortunes. Here’s a calendar of Bangkok’s biggest cocktail comps of the year, and a look at their past winners and losers. 

Bangkok's top bartenders give us their picks for the best cheap rum, whiskey, vodka and gin in town.

Craft-cocktail lounges, booming beer bar culture and the return of Thonglor... It’s the best of Bangkok nightlife in 2016!

Impressive izakaya dishes to go with the incredible drinks. 

These gold-speckled drinks sure look fancy—and they taste the part, too. 

An unlikely setting for awesome local spirits, with bonus views. 

Teens of Thailand
Scotch isn’t the only spirit worthy of its own dedicated bars. Check out these other amazing spirit specialists with singularly minded vision, serving absinthe to umeshu.