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Is this the answer to your rush-hour woes?

Peppermint Bike Park

Escape the city... kinda.

Whether you’re a bike enthusiast or not, these fixie-focused cafes are well worth a pit-stop.


A pair of good reasons to explore this underrated coastal gem later this month.


The 1,339-kilometer tour takes you through national parks and beaches in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

East Coastal Line
Known as one of the most bicycle-friendly destinations in the world, Taiwan’s eastern coast is full of scenic routes, suitable for both advanced cyclists and interested beginners. 
The Bike Loft

The perfect pit-stop for that next bike tour.

Bangkok’s a dangerous city for bike riders. Here are some products to help you stay safe on the road.
Nonlany Ungwiwatkul, 36, runs the Bangkok Bicycle Campaign, a Facebook page that aims to improve cyclist road safety and raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving. Following the widely publicized deaths of three cyclists on May 3 in Chiang Mai, and in the wake of news that the Department of Land Transport wants to reintroduce 80-year-old legislation that requires cyclists to carry licenses, she staged a rally on May 15 at the Royal Thai Police Bureau attended by a dozen riders, calling for solutions. Here, she discusses what she sees as the root causes of road accidents involving Bangkok’s growing number of urban cyclists.