We catch the train to the city’s latest night market. By Kanyanun Sunglaw and Rattikarn Suwithayaphan

Opened last summer, Talad Rod Fai (the train market) has quickly become the new beloved weekend night market and an essential spot for vintage shoppers. Located on Kampangpetch Road, not too far from MRT Kampangpetch, Talad Rot Fai’s many stalls offer fashion, décor, toys and more, but unlike its older brother, Ratchada Night Market, Rod Fai Market has a more casual vibe and isn’t quite as packed. And even if you’re into buying secondhand stuff, you can still stroll the stalls with friends, sipping some cold drinks or snacking on some food and just enjoying the evening breeze and old school music.

In the wide open space available, most of the products are laid out on the ground or are hanging off the owners’ retro cars. Used clothes in good condition or even brand names start from as little as B100. Accessories like sunglasses and vintage suitcases start from B2,500. There are also some unsual finds that you never knew you even wanted, like 20-year-old knives for B29, American license plates from various states, a B300 baseball bat in different colors, an odd B50 cylinder-shaped carton that was used as a paracetamol container and even toothpaste and soaps from decades past. And if you love collecting merchandise from brands like Coke, Pepsi or Heineken, there are plenty to choose from. Mechanic tools, vehicle spare parts, 70s cars and bicycles are all available as well.

Not all this junk is just for decoration though. Rot Fai Market is full of old gadgets like fans, radios, telephones and film cameras from when you were still in kindergarten. And the shops in the old train warehouse are full of 70s-90s furniture: sofas, chandeliers, dining tables, and sets of china and even barber shop chairs—everything you need to open your own retro bar.

And if that gets you hungry and thirsty, try grabbing a cup of foamy Thai iced tea, vintage style soda and cocktails at one of the garage-style bars. Or take a seat on the wooden platform near the railway at the back of the market to grab a bite.

Kampaengpetch Rd., 081-920-3972. MRT Kamphaengphet. Open Sat-Sun 4pm-1am but most of the vendors won’t get there until 5:30pm.