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Thai tea soft serve demand so strong it breaks the machine

Good things come to those who wait (sometimes). 

By Natcha Sanguankiattichai | Mar 14, 2017

  • Thai tea soft serve demand so strong it breaks the machine

Cha Tra Mue's new Thai tea soft serve has taken the web by storm, so much so that the machine is struggling to keep up with demand. 

Yesterday (Mar 13) at 7:30pm, we visited Terminal 21, one of only two places in Bangkok to stock the ice cream (the other is Don Mueang Airport), and found a half-dozen others queuing at the brand's stall for the now-trending Thai treat.

As the video below shows, the service had already slowed to a snail's pace, with staff attempting to cajole the overworked machine while speaking on the phone with a mechanic about the problem.

An office worker in Asoke said she tried to get the ice cream on her lunch break on Monday, with no success. “I was told the machine was broken and I couldn’t get one.”

That statement is supported by a staff member who told us that they sold more than 300 ice creams that day, which resulted in the ice cream machine's breakdown.

Luckily at 8pm, we claimed the last serving (though no cones left!) before the shop decided to shut the machine down for the day.

Our verdict? The internet is right. The soft serve is rich, creamy and packed with tea flavor while not being overly sweet. Definitely woth the B45—and the queue!

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