Top spots to chill out, feast on barbecued shrimps and knock back a few beers.
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O-Yua River Terrace

Having made a home for itself right by the Chao Phraya River, O-Yua offers views and a cool breeze that make it ideal for a rowdy gathering. With large portions for low prices, it’s hardly a surprise that this riverside eatery is as busy as it is. This simple Thai joint offers seafood the way it’s meant to be — fresh and without frills. With the smallest draught of Singha coming in a pitcher, don’t expect your night at O-Yua to be a short one.
1353 Pracha Rat ai 1 Rd., 02-556-0784. Open Mon 4pm-noon; Tue-Sun 11am-noon

Bangkok Sea View

With a name like Bangkok Sea View, this location hardly feels like Bangkok at all. Perched atop a platform in the Gulf of Thailand, the view is well worth the twenty minute boat ride. With classic Thai dishes on the menu like talay pao (grilled prawn, crab, cockles, mussels and squid) and yam cha kram, the experience is a comforting one.
The Up, 54 Phayakkhaphon Alley, Rama 3 Rd., 02-117-2986. Open daily 10am-12am

Ob Aroi

What was once a small food stall with only four tables is now a booming restaurant with over 100 seats; a fairly remarkable feat considering its far-flung location. What makes this place so special is not the atmosphere or the décor — as it’s lacking in both ­­— but the food. The seafood is undeniably fresh and Ob Aroi makes even the simplest of dishes remarkable. Their grilled river prawns are not only juicy and tender but also have an incredibly smoky flavor.
Lad Phrao Soi 94, 02-559-0628. Open daily 4-11pm

Song Pochana

Song Pochana consistently uses fresh seafood. By raising their fish in the back of the restaurant they provide their customers with a product they’ve put their all into. This attention to detail combined with efficient service and bold Thai-Chinese flavors is the reason why this spot has stayed open for over 35 years. Each dish is authentic and the affordable prices make the trip across the river more than worth it.
908-918 Charoen Nakhon Soi 30/2, 02-439-4265. Open daily 11am-10:30pm


While this isn’t the most budget-friendly restaurant, the food is well worth the cost once you take quality into account. The cooks at Sompong take the time to ensure that every dish is made the old-fashioned way, and while that may detract from speedy service, it definitely adds to the taste. Making a reservation at this perennial favorite might be your best strategy if you plan on eating here in a group.
135 Pradit Manutham Rd., 02-935-9547. Open daily 11am-10pm

Thai Food Pairings

Beer is your best bet with spicy food: it’s cooling, its flavors somehow survive the numbing effect chili has on your tongue, and you can drink more of it than wine. Don’t go for very strong ales or dark beers, though, which can clash with the subtle flavors or aromatics of Thai cuisine. Singha, Thailand’s oldest brewery, has been the beer of choice for Thai food lovers since 1933.

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