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This guide lists the absolute best comfort dishes in Bangkok

Loosen up that belt and tuck in—BK's Best Eats 2017 guide is here!

By BK staff | Aug 25, 2017

  • This guide lists the absolute best comfort dishes in Bangkok

Best Eats 2017 marks the fourth year that we’ve put out this guide on the absolute best comfort dishes in Bangkok. And this time, we’ve done things a little differently. For a start, we’ve listened to what you, Dear Reader, have to say about Bangkok’s best burger, best pizza, best ramen, best yakiniku, best dim sum and a whole lot more. After counting up the votes, the Best Eats Readers’ Choice Awards are back.

But there’s one thing about Best Eats 2017 that hasn’t changed: this guide’s still all about fuss-free comfort food, so don’t expect anything too fancy. Twelve-course seasonal tasting menus? Nah, we’d rather take the burger, thanks, and double up on the patties and cheese.

But what about Thai food, we hear you cry? Well, that’s always been a tricky one when it comes to Best Eats. Trying to list this city’s best Thai dishes would take an entire guide itself. Instead, we’ve got in touch with our chef friends and checked with them on some of their favorite street-food haunts for crispy oysters, guay jub, pad Thai and more. Because Bangkok street food’s a long way from dead yet.

Best Eats 2017 is available as a free booklet inserted in BK Magazine issue number 704 (Aug 25) available at over 400 venues Bangkok-wide and a downloadable PDF version here.


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