With new single "Cordelia," My Life as Ali Thomas looks bound for the big time.

The Thai indie music scene has never been so diverse, and it looks like we're starting to share more of it with the world.  

My Life as Ali Thomas, the folk-rock band led by the very talented Kanyapark "Pie" Wuttara, has been doing the rounds for a few years now, but just released its debut album, Paper, at the end of September on Warner Music. One listen to the polished lead single, "Cordelia," and it's clear this is not just another whimsical Thai pop band with one-dimensional lovelorn lyrics. 

Instead, the track mixes together elements of folk and heavier sounds, all held together by Pie's vocals, which are strong, slightly husky, yet sweet. The album was produced by Danai Thongsinthusak, who is better known for his work with Thai heavy rock bands such as Retrospect, Sweet Mullet and Klear, which may also help explain this winning combination. 

With shades of Icelandic indie rockers Of Monsters and Men, "Cordelia" is the kind of singalong track you could well imagine playing from car stereos on road trips all over the world. The lyrics have an impressively cryptic quality about them (who exactly is this Cordelia who's disappeared without a trace?), but we'd argue the song's catchy guitar riff and pounding drums are equally central to its success—even if the breakdown near the end of the song strikes as slightly over-dramatic.

Watch the official music video of "Cordelia" below. And if you like that, you should also check out another song from the new album, "Daughter and Son," a simple folk ditty with a rousing finish.