How well have you been paying attention?

This month, BK Magazine’s print edition is getting a fresh new look (pick up your copy from Jun 8 here). That old one reminded us too much of a simpler time when cocktails cost B250 and Yingluck was strutting round in Burberry wellies. But that’s all in the past now—unlike these headlines. How well have you been paying attention?

1. Maya Bay is closed. How will Koh Phi Phi keep its economy afloat?

a    With the new slogan, “So much safer than Koh Tao.”
b    By opening a McDonald’s.
c    By not telling the Chinese tour groups and taking them to Koh Poda instead. “Yes, really. This is the exact spot where Leonardo DiCaprio fought the shark.”
d    With a network of safehouses charging exorbitant fees to on-the-run Supreme Sangha Council members making their way to the border.

2. Why is the junta pissed at Future Forward Party leader Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit?

a    He retweeted that Cambodian blog post about the price of petrol.
b    They just got rid of one billionaire populist and don’t have the energy to get rid of another one.
c    He promised to queue for Croquant Chou then came back with Beard Papa. 
d    He threatened to tear up their constitution. 

3. What’s the latest on the Chiang Mai judges’ courtside Doi Suthep residences?

a    Since it’s illegal to demolish structures built with public money, Ristr8to will turn them into something the public wants: a cold-brew research center serving artisanal coffee like you’ve never tasted before.
b    They’re up for rent on Airbnb. Just Google search “Wow stunning mountain views Airbnb Chiang Mai” and it’s the first result.
c    Reforestation is definitely happening but without demolishing the houses. 
d    They’ll be used to stockpile teak.

4. Why might foreign minister Don Pramudwinai lose his job?

a    He moonlights as a Grab driver.
b    He can’t tell bafun from murasaki uni.
c    “Khun Don” sounds like “condom,” and he couldn’t take the other ministers bullying him.
d    His wife’s shareholding might be unconstitutional.

5. Which of these is fake news?

a    Yingluck now has a 10-year British visa. 
b    Floyd Mayweather spotted at Smokin Pug.
c    Uniqlo Thomas Maier collaboration better than JW Anderson line. 
d    VAT rising to 9%.


1     The correct answer is (b). Though we’d also recommend (d). Those guys have tons of money. 
2     The correct answer is (d). If there’s any constitution tearing to be done, they’ll be the ones to do it.
3     The correct answer is (b). Yeah, we’re as confused by that as you are. 
4     The correct answer is (d). Some Pheu Thai party member spotted it along with the shares of 90 NLA members.
5     The correct answer is (d). Though that didn’t stop it trending on Twitter.