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Bangkok Float Center

  • Bangkok Float Center
  • Bangkok Float Center
  • Bangkok Float Center

One of only two float centers in town, Bangkok Float Center now has a new home at SHOW DC Entertainment Mall, over by RCA.

Float in a tank of 35.5-degree-Celsius salt-water balanced to create an almost no-gravity condition amid total sensory deprivation. Opt for a single float, starting at B1,950/60 minutes, or go for one of the multiple-entry packages (from B6,000 for four 60-minute sessions).

If it’s your first time, you can also score an intro pack, which gives you three floats for the price of two.

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Phone: 090-993-6487
Bangkok Float Center, 4/F, SHOW DC Retail and Entertainment Mega Complex, Bangkok, Thailand

Opening Hours:

daily 10am-10pm
Bangkok Float Center



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