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While the junta vows to restructure energy prices, last week 10 activists were arrested for staging a rally urging energy reform. BK chats with consumer activist and former senator Rosana Tositrakul, 60, one of the leaders of Thai Energy Reform Watch, about her inspiration for becoming an activist, her long-fought battle against corruption, and why nationalization of the energy sector makes sense.

AKA what happens when Mae Baan Mee Nuad meets Low Cost Cosplay. The hashtag #yarploikatoeywaikabphar (“Do not leave ladyboys alone with fabrics”) has recently gone viral. It’s the work of five boys from Suan Sunandha Rajabhat University who are not afraid to show their feminine side on their Facebook page Yar Ploi Ka Toey Wai Kab Phar, which has gained more than 3,000 likes in just one month. BK talks to Tiw, Great, Oak, Ice and Noom about why you should never leave them alone with fabrics.
Ratchadamnoen Singha Muay Thai Academy (RSM)
Wearing make-up to the gym is not a crime. Here are our tips to stay gorgeous without having a melt-down.
International brands are not the only ones readying their pre-fall collections. Our Thai designers are hitting the runway early, too.
One of the oldest and most revered cinemas in Bangkok, Lido is rumored to be closing down as its contract with Chulalongkorn ends this year. One other reason the cinema stand out is its cheerful phone operator, Sarot Sookproa, 47, who is very well-known for his unusually hospitable calls with customers. BK talks to him about his life at Lido over the past decade.
The opening of the new luxury mall has brought many high fashion labels to Bangkok. Here are the ones we’re most excited about.
Introducing the four latest additions to Bangkok’s growing independent-working scene. 
“Comic essay” is the term used in Japan to describe autobiographical comic strips relating real-life anecdotes from their author’s life. The trend is really taking off here, with Patcharakan Pisansupong, 28, who goes under the pen name Plariex, at the forefront of the genre. Her page (www.facebook.com/Plariex) has nearly 300,000 fans. She tells BK about quitting her job in a law firm and finding happiness in her illustrations.
Pet's Ville

Bangkok is teeming with furry cuteness. Here are the best spots to let your pooch get pampered while you're out of town.