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The city's indie music labels and why they matter.

Rasmee Wayrana in "Don't Cry"

Srirajah Rockers and Rasmee team up for a fresh take on molam. 

Scene from "Nick of Time" MV

This track sounds like nothing else coming out in Thailand right now. 

Viroj Yakham, 47, originally formed his phin (Isaan guitar) band, Khun Narin Phin Prayuk (or Khun Narin's Electric Phin Band), as a way to help young men in his village find jobs. Six years later, it is signed to a US record label and is embarking on its second tour to Europe this month. Here, we talk to Viroj and his son, Sumet Yakham, 25, about the journey. 

The passing of David Bowie yesterday has brought new attention to a little-known music video the legendary rocker shot during his brief time in Thailand. Here are nine more clips you may not know were filmed here. 

The cool(er) winter breeze brings with it lots of cultural happenings. Here are our top picks to see you through till 2016. 

The Great Outdoor Market
From local community mall markets to fashion pop-ups, here’s where to get your outdoor shopping fix over the next couple of months.
Veteran musician Traithep Wongpaiboon, 45, managing director of Kantana Sound Studio, made headlines last year for his sound editing in Wong Kar Wai’s film The Grandmaster, which won him a gong in the Golden Reel Awards, the self-described Oscars for sound editors. Now he’s plotting his music career comeback next month as one half of the pioneering electro-pop duo Kidnappers, after 10 years off the scene.
Get vintage vinyl straight to your door from five new online record shops.