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Green is the new trending color of 2017. Add it to your home with these simple decor items. 
Take inspiration from Mid-Century Modern decor's "form follows function" ethos for a clean, uncluttered interior.

Tired of having the same Ikea furniture as your friends? Good news! Bangkok’s brimming with new European furniture labels. Here are our faves.

Top design picks from the fifth edition of the fair, and where you can buy them for yourself.

Where to splash your cash on records and rare brands, cup of drip coffee in hand.

This year's big furniture fairs delivered big time.
Ever wonder where those shop owners get all their cool furniture? Read this.
Ease and Atelier 2+

Starting this Sunday (Mar 1), a showcase of some Thailand's best up-and-coming furniture designers.

Mr. Clear Mind

Jeeracha Samakhabootra’s home décor brand, Sur, launched at last month's Made by Legacy flea market and consists of two main collections of what she calls functional sculptures.