Wongchayuth “Yaa” Sukhowattanakij, 60, is keeping Thailand’s tradition of hand-drawn movie poster art alive. While most cinemas switched to printed posters decades ago, Yaa continues to produce watercolor artworks, though he now has a very different clientele. In this interview, he recalls the ups and downs of his five-decade career. 

A true treasure trove for film buffs. 

Still from 'Phantom of Illumination'

New Thai indie documentary explores the hardships of modern Bangkok through the story of a film projectionist forced into unemployment. 

Meet Beam Wong, a rising director whose latest film debuts at this weekend's Noise Market and has been described as "a nod to weird '80s sci-fi, fantasy, comic—Cronenbergesque stuff."  

Open-air screenings of experimental cinema from home and abroad, including an encore showing of My Buddha is Punk.  


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