Midnight Moon

This restaurant is all about floral flavors.  

The buzz: Bangkok’s museum of floral culture has opened a restaurant on-site, serving one-of-a-kind cuisine paired with exquisite flower decorations created by master floral artist Sakul Intakul, who’s worked on royal ceremonies in Thailand and abroad for over 30 years. 
The decor: The museum itself spans across a pair of beautifully preserved Thai wooden houses with a back garden, tucked away in an alley in Samsen, offering a peaceful and private vibe that only admits the public until 5pm. Sitting in a strip between the two houses, the restaurant is a mini showcase of Sakul’s private collection of exotic Asian furniture and ornaments and his floral decorations. 
The food: Sakul’s idea of food is no less delicate than his signature floral decorations. Inspired by the artist’s travels in Asia, especially Japan and India, the tasting menu (B1,450/person) charts dishes like grilled miso tofu placed on a magnolia leaf and served with house-pickled white turmeric and a white champaka flower, complete with instructions on how to smell the flower while eating the tofu. Of course, you’ll also get to eat some flowers, like in the salad muang luang, a herb salad with yellow sesbania and Mexican creeper blossoms, served with rice cracker and fried frangipani-wrapped minced pork. In the Mumbai masala mango dish, marigold (inedible) emphasizes the all-yellow mango salad, while rose petals sprinkled all over your table add a sensational touch to the dessert course. Before getting to the sweets, you’ll also get to experience an evening garden tour as an intermission. We love their rose petal sorbet, which is only heightened when taken with a glass of rose wine.
The drinks: Wine starts at B890 by the bottle, while a few sake labels are also available from B240.
Why you should care: Midnight Moon provides a meal like no other, backed up by simply good food. As your host for the night, Sakul is so charming he makes the two-hour dinner pass in an instant. Advance reservations are required. Natcha Sanguankiattichai
Venue Details
Address: Midnight Moon, 315 Samsen Soi 28, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-669-3633
Area: Dusit
Cuisine: Asian
Open since: March, 2017
Opening hours: Fri-Sun 6pm-midnight
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