Jamie's Italian

The restaurant from Britain's biggest celebrity chef has arrived.

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The restaurant franchise of British celeb chef Jamie Oliver arrived in Bangkok at the end of 2016 to an immediate social media kicking. Comments on the Jamie’s Facebook page spoke of long waits, lost orders and uninformed staff. We haven’t experienced any of that. In fact last time we were there, dishes flew from the kitchen and waiters were never more than a few feet away—though the space was so empty you’d expect them to be.

Given that this is also some of the best Italian food we’ve tasted in a Bangkok shopping mall, its lack of customers was also thoroughly undeserving. At prices not far north of Scoozi, this latest addition to a chain of over 60 restaurants worldwide delivers well beyond what you might expect from any brand so thinly stretched.

A margarita pizza (B310) has the billowy crust yet perfectly thin base of dough made using quality flour, albeit with a topping of piquant tomatoes that’s masked under a barrage of parmesan. The casaracce pasta in pork and fennel ragu (B260/340) delivers all the heartwarming, rustic flavors which its food-photo-worthy appearance of earthen browns and golden charred edges promises. Even dodgy-sounding fusion stuff like the “crunchy Italian nachos” (deep-fried pockets of ravioli pasta stuffed with mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan with a spicy tomato dip, B160) have an ordering-from-the-kids-menu kind of charm.

Jamie’s doesn’t pretend to be down-the-line authentic, meaning you’ll also find time-worn bistro stomach fillers suffixed with the word “Italian,” from steak and fries (B720) to a burger (B560) whose two-inch-thick, coarseground pattie oozes with the tangy juices of quality beef—shame that the unmanageable presentation sees it piled up like a ready-to-fall tower of Jenga.

Decor is an equally faddish but well-executed blend of what everyone’s doing—dangling bulbs, exposed pipe work and all the rest of it. Most places, though, you’d be able to get a glass of wine at lunchtime, while here the B225-305 by-the-glass plonk is reserved for dinner guests only (damn sticking to the law). Our tip: make up for it with an extra helping of the formidably gooey molten chocolate praline pudding (B230).

Venue Details
Address: Jamie's Italian, G/F, Siam Discovery, Rama 1, Bangkok, Thailand
Phone: 02-255-5222
Area: Siam
Cuisine: Italian
Open since: November, 2016
Opening hours:
Nearest trainBTS National Stadium
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